L'Eagle Services LLC


Family Owned. Certified Organic. Sustainably Grown. Located in the southeast corner of 6th Ave and I-25 (or 1 mile west of Broadway and 3rd Ave.). We are open daily from 8AM-9PM. We welcome all adults 21+ and offer deep discounts for medical card holders! We offer the same strains for medical and rec shoppers. **Check out our [Leafly video spotlight][1]!** L’Eagle Services prides itself in providing consumers with the high quality, clean cannabis they can trust. L’Eagle implements sustainable practices from seed to sale bringing forward an innovative method for cannabis cultivation, rooted in organic agricultural best practices. From how we set up our rooms, to the way they treat our plants and our extensive curing process - all of these components ensure customers that when they come to L’Eagle, they are leaving with a completely clean product. Recently, L’Eagle became the first and only adult use indoor grow in the state of Colorado to achieve Clean Green Certification, an initiative that is modeled on the USDA National Organic Program. L’Eagle only uses Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) rated oils, bio-fungicides/insecticides and beneficial insects. L’Eagle takes it a step further beyond USDA National Organic Standards by not spraying any plants after the onset of buds. This ensures that the final product has zero residual pesticides. All plants are given one on one attention, ensuring that each and every plant is looked after by horticulturalists who assess individual plant health. L'Eagle slow dries and long cures (at least 60 days) all medicine and we do on site potency testing; every batch, every harvest. Once you find us you will look no further! All prices listed do not include tax. We are now offering new lower prices; please call for more details. We offer the CLEANEST cannabis available, and popcorn strain prices start at $12.28 per 1/8th and $36.84 per 1/4, plus tax. TOP SHELF strains are $37.32 per 1/8th, plus tax. PREMIUM strains are $45.44 per 1/8th, plus tax. [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URJG3MBxzeA


License : 402R-00382
Email : [email protected]
Address : 380 Quivas St.
City : Denver
State : CO
Zip : 80223


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